Art & Design

Playmore Puts Fun in Functionality for Inclusive Playgrounds

Inclusive playgrounds are helping to break isolation barriers and empower all children and their loved ones ─ with and without disabilities ─ to play together in an innovative environment.

Microsoft's Inclusive Design Program is a Much-Needed Culture Reboot

Microsoft is leading the way to do more in our overall culture through “inclusive design” by embracing diversity and disability to further innovation.

Meet Ollie: A Real-Life Superhero Who Inspired a Pioneering Comic

Chip Reece, a social worker in Wichita, Kansas recognized a gap in the comic industry. There weren’t any comics featuring superheroes with disabilities.

Friends & Stars

Friends and Stars hosts about 500 people per month with classes facilitated through "a group of professional artists with a desire to give back to community."

The Beautiful Artistic Vision of a Blind Artist

Texas-native John Bramblitt proclaims, “I think I could draw before I could walk;” but he never envisioned his art hobby would become a career.

One Dad's Vision for Daughter's Artistic Eye Patch

Layla loves Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. She doesn’t just showcase her affection for the cartoon mermaid through clothing; she also wears a customized character-clad eye patch hand-drawn every day by her dad, Geof Grubb.

Jason DaSilva: A Filmmaker, App Creator and Loving Father

A person is not defined by what they look like or how they speak but by their unique thoughts, perspectives, and vision unseen by others.

I Am Sheriauna: A Beautifully Different Book about Disabilities

A true story that promotes positive conversations about differences.

Dolls with Disabilities Play Up Uniqueness

Kids love playing with heroic toys, like firemen, astronauts and superheroes galore. While these characters certainly ignite imagination and joy, they can fail to showcase disabilities.