Facts & Stats: The Skinny on Disability and Obesity

September is National Childhood Obesity Month; and some people with disabilities, including children, are at a greater risk of obesity.

People Who Use Wheelchairs Found Least Accommodated Among Marginalized Groups

New research shows the general public today is 14% less willing to understand and accommodate those with mobility challenges than at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic one year ago.

Study Affirms LGBTQ People are More Likely to Have a Disability than the General Population

The disability community intersects with every other minority group, and the LGBTQ community is no exception. But new surveys are revealing disproportionate findings.

Give Yourself the "Green" Light for Eco-Friendly Health and Happiness

A green or eco-friendly lifestyle is beneficial for you and Mother Nature.

6 Cliché Phrases That You’ll Never Hear Me Say -- A Guest Blog by 'Wheel Girl' Rachelle Chapman

A freak accident at her bachelorette party caused Rachelle Chapman to become a paraplegic. Through her blog, she embraces the opportunity to motivate others to find joy in every aspect of life, but she's not afraid to share her truth too. And that includes allowing herself to feel every human emotion... without guilt.

Mindfulness: What You Should Know About its Proven Impact on loneliness

Mindfulness practices can help curb loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Egg-Allergy? Dye-Allergy? Here are Egg-cellent Easter Adaptions for Inclusive Celebrations

Don't skip Easter traditions because of food allergies. Hop to these alternatives...

8 Ways to Make Easter Egg Hunts Accessible

Easter egg hunts should be fun as well as inclusive for children with and without disabilities.

5 Tips for Caregivers to Take Care of Themselves Too

"I care for my 100-year-old mom, and here's how I've learned to take care of myself too." - Elluz Peraza

Service Dogs are More than 'Man's Best Friend' for Veterans

Service dogs aren't just companions for veterans. These highly-trained animals provide essential support.

10 Surprising Autumn Service Dog Safety Tips

Don't let proper care of service dogs fall by the wayside during the fall season.

New Multi-Faceted Initiative to Address Needs of Female Veterans with Disabilities

Paralyzed Veterans of America is focusing on the unique needs of women.

How to Make Halloween Inclusive for all Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween can be tricky for children with special needs, but don't fear... festive fun awaits.

Online Floral/Gift Company Launches Holiday Collection To Help Create Employment Opportunities For People Of Differing Abilities

Here's how holiday gift-giving can benefit the gift recipient and also expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

How To Prepare an Emergency Disaster Plan for Your Unique Disability Needs

Peak hurricane season is between August and October. Are you prepared?

Tips to Improve the Everyday Life of Your Child with Autism

Plan ahead to help your child with special needs.

5 Ways to Start an Accessible Lifestyle

Are you or a loved one newly reliant on a wheelchair or other assisted mobility device? Watch this video.

How People with Chronic Disease Can Tackle Disaster Planning

6-in-10 Americans live with at least one chronic disease, like heart disease, stroke, cancer, or diabetes. These and other chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in America. Extra precautions should be taken for disaster planning.

How Inclusive Playgrounds Help All Children Learn and Play

Swing by an innovative, accessible play-space and let worries of barriers slide away!

How to Create a Lifelong Plan for Your Adult Child with Special Needs

Complicated planning can be simplified with the right support services.

13 Myths & Facts Pertaining to People with Disabilities

Help debunk misinformation surrounding people with disabilities.

10 Summer Safety Tips for Service Dogs and Working Dogs

Safety precautions are always in season! Here's how to keep your service animal healthy during the summer.

Your Taste Buds Will Salute These Patriotic Picnic Snacks

Feel good -- literally -- about patriotic celebrations with these healthy, feel-good recipes.

Home Designer Gives Green Light to Accessible Blueprints

Susan P. Berry is an architectural consultant offering frameworks for both residential and commercial construction with an emphasis on accessibility.

Love Match! Dating Websites for People of All Abilities

Dating can be challenging! However, in today’s digital world, exploring romantic partners via online dating has become the norm for many.

Home Delivery Services Serve Up Improved Accessibility to Food and More

Home delivery services and subscriptions may provide convenient solutions for improved accessibility to food and much more.

What ER Doctors Wish You Knew About Fireworks Safety

Here's how to prevent debilitating injury from fireworks.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Down Syndrome West Florida

Need support preparing for your Down Syndrome child, or a place for you and your family to unwind and have fun? Families Raising Inspiring, Educating and Networking for Down Syndrome West Florida (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) is here to help!

7 Accessible Campsites for Outdoorsy Fun

Give accessible camping a try because research suggests there are beneficial, if not crucial, reasons to spend time in Mother Nature.

Therapist Offers "Sexpert" Advice to People of All Abilities

Dr. Danielle Sheypuk, with a Ph.D. in psychology focuses on dating, relationships, intimacy and sexuality, particularly among people with disabilities.

20 Exceptional Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms with and without Disabilities

While mothers deserve to be praised every day, Mother’s Day, of course, lends itself to the occasion. Here are Mother’s Day gift ideas for exceptional mothers with and without disabilities...

Tiny Homes Can Offer Big Accessibility Options for Seniors and Disabled

One may assume that tiny homes are ill suited for individuals with disabilities, more specifically those with physical limitations or wheelchairs. However, though customization, that’s not the case.

Creating Accessible Backyards & Outdoor Living Spaces

Time spent outdoors enhances self-esteem and mood, improves cognitive function and memory-related abilities, and increases attention spans among children with autism spectrum disorder, to name a few ...

3 Surprising Ways Pets Benefit Your Kids

According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, growing up with a pet can usher in a host of benefits.

It's Not Easy Being Green

My favorite Muppet, Kermit, said it best: “It’s not easy being green.”

Looking for a Well-Trained, Grateful Pet? Adopt a Senior!

Thinking about adopting a cat or dog from your local animal shelter?

American Legion Auxiliary Addresses the Needs of Caregivers Supporting Military & Veterans

May is Military Appreciation Month! American Legion Auxiliary is a longstanding organization supporting active military families and veterans.

Susquehanna Service Dogs to the Rescue

Since its founding in 1993, SSD has placed over 300 service dogs with people throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

Making a House a Home with the Echo & Google Mini

Say goodbye to the days of The Clapper. Home automation, technology that controls devices in the home hands-free, has been turned upside down and it’s been a windfall for the disability community.