Game-Changing Charity Plays Up Virtual Reality Experiences

Best friends founded Gamer’s Gift, a California-based nonprofit using video games and virtual reality to promote well-being and positive spirits, particularly among people with disabilities, seniors and hospital-bound and/or ill patients.

Go Baby Go: A Driving Force for Mobility

Go Baby Go aims to promote early, independent mobility through research, advocacy and education.

Arming the World with Bionic Heroes

Innovative nonprofit builds bionic arms and other techs for people with disabilities.

New Smart Toy is Game-Changer for Children with Developmental Disorders

Leka is an interactive and multi-sensory toy offering children with special needs the ability to play fun and educational games that motivate social interactions; increase motor, cognitive and emotional skills; and stimulate autonomy.

Tech-Savvy Teen Developing an Inclusive Mobile App

Teenager, Alex Knoll developed Ability App to “help people with disabilities and their caregivers navigate public spaces and find safe, reliable services and employment opportunities.”

Rolling Through Paralysis with Innovative Technology

Have you ever imagined a lightweight device with the ability to make a paraplegic stand upright, move through doors with ease, and come to him or her at the touch of a button?