How the Restaurant Industry Can Harness Technology to Improve Accessibility and Inclusion

Technological advances are helping pave a path towards a more widely accessible food service landscape – both in-person and online. Now, it is up to restaurants to embrace this technology and help build a more inclusive future.


Airbnb Offering Experiences and Stays With 'Accessibility in Mind' -- From Adaptive Hiking to Therapeutic Surfing

Airbnb is prioritizing accessible travel to amp up summer experiences and stays for travelers of all abilities.

Fashion & Beauty

10 Disability-Friendly Face Masks & Coverings

Inclusive designs can make face masks more comfortable for persons with disabilities. Additionally, disability-friendly options can enhance accessibility within medical and professional settings.


Announcing the Re-launch of AmeriDisability

AmeriDisability will relaunch its digital and social platforms to further serve the disability and senior communities.


Disability-Serving Website Features Virtual Tours for Accessibility Awareness

Able Eyes, a disability-serving website, allows people with disabilities digital access to locations to navigate accessibility before arrival.


5 Ways to Start an Accessible Lifestyle

Are you or a loved one newly reliant on a wheelchair or other assisted mobility device? Watch this video.


Create an Accessible Workspace with these Disability-Friendly Pieces

Do you have the adaptive equipment and tools you need to be successful in the workplace?


You're Invited to Celebrate ADA 29th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

E‍vent and resources to mark the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


7 Accessible Campsites for Outdoorsy Fun

Give accessible camping a try because research suggests there are beneficial, if not crucial, reasons to spend time in Mother Nature.


People With Disabilities Are Entitled to a Free Access Pass to National Parks

The Access Pass is a FREE pass available to United States citizens or permanent residents, regardless of age, that have a permanent disability.


20 Exceptional Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms with and without Disabilities

While mothers deserve to be praised every day, Mother’s Day, of course, lends itself to the occasion. Here are Mother’s Day gift ideas for exceptional mothers with and without disabilities...


8 Ways to Make Easter Egg Hunts Accessible

Easter egg hunts should be fun as well as inclusive for children with and without disabilities.


Rolling Through Paralysis with Innovative Technology

Have you ever imagined a lightweight device with the ability to make a paraplegic stand upright, move through doors with ease, and come to him or her at the touch of a button?


Understanding Your Voting Rights as a Person with a Disability

The disability community is a powerful voting block. During the 2016 election, voters with disabilities comprised approximately one sixth (16.67%) of eligible voters, totaling 35.4 million people.


The Best National Parks for Accessible Travel

If you want to experience the history, majesty, and beauty of nature across the U.S., these parks are the perfect places to explore.


Exercise and Disability: Resources for Accessible Gym Equipment

Exercise is an important part of everyonone's health and well-being. Here are some resources for accessible gyms and home equipment.


Creating Accessible Backyards & Outdoor Living Spaces

Time spent outdoors enhances self-esteem and mood, improves cognitive function and memory-related abilities, and increases attention spans among children with autism spectrum disorder, to name a few ...


Tiny Homes Can Offer Big Accessibility Options for Seniors and Disabled

One may assume that tiny homes are ill suited for individuals with disabilities, more specifically those with physical limitations or wheelchairs. However, though customization, that’s not the case.

Art & Design

Jason DaSilva: A Filmmaker, App Creator and Loving Father

A person is not defined by what they look like or how they speak but by their unique thoughts, perspectives, and vision unseen by others.


Temporary Ramps to the Rescue: Storefronts Made Accessible Thanks to StopGap Foundation

Luke Anderson, a civil engineer and the co-founder of the StopGap Foundation, a non-profit bringing accessibility to the world.


Home Designer Gives Green Light to Accessible Blueprints

Susan P. Berry is an architectural consultant offering frameworks for both residential and commercial construction with an emphasis on accessibility.

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