Art Inclusion

Fashion & Beauty

Here’s Why a Popular Health & Beauty Company Prioritizes Inclusive Product Design

P&G is focused on accessibility in the workplace, in homes and in the community. The motivation is personal to both those creating and benefiting from these inclusive efforts.


Museum of disAbility History: An Inclusive Space of the Past, Present and Future

The Museum of disABILITY History is dedicated to preserving and recounting the trials and triumphs of disability rights and persons with disabilities.

Art & Design

The Beautiful Artistic Vision of a Blind Artist

Texas-native John Bramblitt proclaims, “I think I could draw before I could walk;” but he never envisioned his art hobby would become a career.

Art & Design

Friends & Stars

Friends and Stars hosts about 500 people per month with classes facilitated through "a group of professional artists with a desire to give back to community."

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