New Guidance May Change How You Control Your Asthma

Together, people with asthma, their caregivers, and health care providers can make informed decisions about asthma management based on new guidance.


People Report Fewer Negative Emotions Like Fatigue and Fear, and More Joy and Hope

A new study -- released June 2021 -- indicates a long-awaited, positive shift of feelings. ‍Some people, though, will take longer to see mood changes after the pandemic, psychiatrists say.


Debilitating Migraines and Headaches Significantly Spike During Coronavirus Pandemic, But Treatment Awaits

June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month. Alarmingly, there's been a nearly 70 percent rise in the number of migraine attacks during the pandemic and 84 percent of people have more stress managing their disease.


Braille Institute Offers 110 Free Online Spring/Summer Courses, Including Laughing Yoga and Making Technology Work For You

Learning is just a click away, thanks to free programs and services for those with low vision to no vision.


COVID-19 Increases Stroke Risk, according to an Orlando Neurologist

‍Fewer patients are being hospitalized with coronavirus thanks to the vaccines, but doctors are still seeing the pandemic’s severe consequences, such as stroke.

Fashion & Beauty

10 Disability-Friendly Face Masks & Coverings

Inclusive designs can make face masks more comfortable for persons with disabilities. Additionally, disability-friendly options can enhance accessibility within medical and professional settings.


Is it Allergies or COVID-19? Here are 7 Symptoms to Note

To help shed some light on the differences between COVID-19 and spring allergies, consider these seven common symptoms and their possible causes.

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