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10 Surprising Autumn Service Dog Safety Tips

Don't let proper care of service dogs fall by the wayside during the fall season.

How to Support a Friend with Breast Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, for women, the three most common cancers are breast, lung and colorectal. Together, they account for one-half of all cases, with breast cancer alone accounting for 30% of new cases. Odds are you know a friend with breast cancer... here's how you can offer support.


Common Questions About How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is effective for ailments including allergies, depression, hypertension, tennis elbow, morning sickness, malposition of the fetus and stroke.


10 Ways to Help Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

You don't have to suffer from pain caused by osteoarthritis.


How Color Therapy Benefits People with Disabilities

Here's the silver lining to this holistic approach...


Here's Why Exercise is Important for People with Disabilities

Physical activity promotes physical and mental well-being.


5 Steps that Determine Whether You Qualify for SSA Disability

Since 2009, Disability Benefits Help has provided information to individuals who are seeking to apply for Social Security Disability benefits or have been denied after applying for Social Security disability. Here's some helpful info.


How To Prepare an Emergency Disaster Plan for Your Unique Disability Needs

Peak hurricane season is between August and October. Are you prepared?


Adaptive Bicycles Pave the Way for Riders with Disabilities

People with differing abilities can enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of cycling.


Understanding Disability Insurance and Other Insurance Benefits

Voluntary benefits, like disability insurance, can complement traditional health insurance.


It's Not Easy Being Green

My favorite Muppet, Kermit, said it best: “It’s not easy being green.”

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