Holistic Therapies


How Color Therapy Benefits People with Disabilities

Here's the silver lining to this holistic approach...


The Blunt Lowdown on Medical Marijuana for the Disabled and Seniors

Cannabis culture has grown significantly overall. Medical marijuana has sparked much debate, but physicians and patients alike (including those with disabilities and seniors) assert it is a holistic treatment option offering vast benefits.


Tune into the Benefits of Music Therapy

Music therapy has struck a chord within the field of medicine and is benefiting patients with diverse conditions, such as anxiety, autism, asthma, chronic pain, dementia, depression, end of life care, irregular sleep patterns, mobility issues, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and traumatic brain injury.


Holistic Therapies You Need to Know About

Holistic therapies consist of a wide array of nontraditional health and wellness practices that fall outside conventional care, like pharmaceutical or surgical treatments.

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