National Disability Voter Registration Week Starts September 13

National Disability Voter Registration Week aims to increase the political power of people with disabilities by sharing resources and getting folks registered to vote. In the last election, an estimated 38 million people with disabilities were eligible to vote, and NDVRW organizers want to continue to raise the disability voice and civic participation across the country in 2021 and beyond.


Study Affirms LGBTQ People are More Likely to Have a Disability than the General Population

The disability community intersects with every other minority group, and the LGBTQ community is no exception. But new surveys are revealing disproportionate findings.


Announcing the Re-launch of AmeriDisability

AmeriDisability will relaunch its digital and social platforms to further serve the disability and senior communities.


How to Make Halloween Inclusive for all Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween can be tricky for children with special needs, but don't fear... festive fun awaits.


13 Myths & Facts Pertaining to People with Disabilities

Help debunk misinformation surrounding people with disabilities.


Etiquette Basics for Interacting with People with Disabilities in the Workplace (or Anywhere)

The D.C. Office of Disability Rights offers a two-fold approach to etiquette for interacting with people with disabilities: a humorous video and a serious do & don't list.


Egg-Allergy? Dye-Allergy? Here are Egg-cellent Easter Adaptions for Inclusive Celebrations

Don't skip Easter traditions because of food allergies. Hop to these alternatives...


The interPLAY Orchestra Strikes a Chord with Inclusive Ensemble

Everyone is born with a musical gene, attests Paula Moore, a conductor who says she’s seen proof in both her personal life and professional life.


Sock Company Puts Best Foot Forward with Inclusive Workforce

Sometimes it takes years for a start-up company to attain profits. And sometimes, as with John’s Crazy Socks, a business realizes immediate success.


9 Theater Companies Putting Actors with Disabilities Center Stage

Non-disabled actors play approximately 95 percent of television characters with disabilities in top ranked shows, according to a study by Ruderman White Paper.


The Documentary Changing Hollywood's Perception of People with Disabilities

CinemAbility: The Art of Inclusion is a documentary that discusses how Hollywood has portrayed members of the disability community for the past 120 years.

Art & Design

I Am Sheriauna: A Beautifully Different Book about Disabilities

A true story that promotes positive conversations about differences.

Art & Design

Jason DaSilva: A Filmmaker, App Creator and Loving Father

A person is not defined by what they look like or how they speak but by their unique thoughts, perspectives, and vision unseen by others.


Changing Perceptions with Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company

Based in Los Angeles, California, this one-of-a-kind dance company is on a mission.


Temporary Ramps to the Rescue: Storefronts Made Accessible Thanks to StopGap Foundation

Luke Anderson, a civil engineer and the co-founder of the StopGap Foundation, a non-profit bringing accessibility to the world.


Seeking Employment? A Disability Recruitment Company May Help

Bender Consulting Services has created employment opportunities for over 1,000 individuals, of which about 20 percent are disabled veterans.

Fashion & Beauty

Target Hits the Bulls-Eye with Sensory-Friendly Clothing

As part of their ‘corporate responsibility,’ Target has integrated diversity and inclusion into its culture to better serve both employees and customers.

Art & Design

Dolls with Disabilities Play Up Uniqueness

Kids love playing with heroic toys, like firemen, astronauts and superheroes galore. While these characters certainly ignite imagination and joy, they can fail to showcase disabilities.


Museum of disAbility History: An Inclusive Space of the Past, Present and Future

The Museum of disABILITY History is dedicated to preserving and recounting the trials and triumphs of disability rights and persons with disabilities.

Art & Design

Microsoft's Inclusive Design Program is a Much-Needed Culture Reboot

Microsoft is leading the way to do more in our overall culture through “inclusive design” by embracing diversity and disability to further innovation.


Tech-Savvy Teen Developing an Inclusive Mobile App

Teenager, Alex Knoll developed Ability App to “help people with disabilities and their caregivers navigate public spaces and find safe, reliable services and employment opportunities.”


Theater Breaking Through Barriers Making Theater Possible for All

Theatre Breaking Through Barriers (TBTB) produces different types of plays: those that feature disabilities and other plays that feature Ike Schambelan’s interpretations of Shakespeare, where the actors showcase their talent.


How One Mom Rewrote the Movie-Going Experience with Sensory Friendly Films

A mom's determination for her daughter to go to a movie led to AMC and the Autism Society teaming up to launch “Sensory Friendly Films,” a monthly program for individuals on the autism spectrum and/or with other special needs.

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