Mobile Voting Could Make Voting Easier for People with Disabilities

Utah County expands mobile voting for the November general elections and broadens eligibility to include the disabled community.


Disability-Serving Website Features Virtual Tours for Accessibility Awareness

Able Eyes, a disability-serving website, allows people with disabilities digital access to locations to navigate accessibility before arrival.


Young Entrepreneur Invents New Brace to Improve Limb Mobility and Comfort

The life-changing work of one college student is reaching far beyond the classroom to impact people with disabilities.


Innovative Electronic Glasses Help the Visually-Impaired See Clearly

eSight glasses are intended for individuals with low vision or legal blindness.


Rolling Through Paralysis with Innovative Technology

Have you ever imagined a lightweight device with the ability to make a paraplegic stand upright, move through doors with ease, and come to him or her at the touch of a button?


Making a House a Home with the Echo & Google Mini

Say goodbye to the days of The Clapper. Home automation, technology that controls devices in the home hands-free, has been turned upside down and it’s been a windfall for the disability community.


Game-Changing Charity Plays Up Virtual Reality Experiences

Best friends founded Gamer’s Gift, a California-based nonprofit using video games and virtual reality to promote well-being and positive spirits, particularly among people with disabilities, seniors and hospital-bound and/or ill patients.


Tech-Savvy Teen Developing an Inclusive Mobile App

Teenager, Alex Knoll developed Ability App to “help people with disabilities and their caregivers navigate public spaces and find safe, reliable services and employment opportunities.”


The Stand Up and Play Foundation is Above Par for Adaptive Sports

Following injuries stemming from military combat and a car accident caused by a drunk driver, Anthony Netto, found himself wheelchair bound. He got back into playing golf by developing the paramobile.

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