How Physical Therapy Can Help with Multiple Sclerosis

Someone newly diagnosed and with few symptoms might assume they don’t need PT, but this is one of the most important times to get started.


What Is Behavioral Therapy and How Can It Help?

Ready to take action? Behavioral therapies are action-oriented interventions.


10 Summer Safety Tips for Service Dogs and Working Dogs

Safety precautions are always in season! Here's how to keep your service animal healthy during the summer.


The Healing Power of Therapy Pets

Therapy animals provide many benefits to individuals and patients.


Spencer's Sensory Shop: A Business Blanketed with Disability Research

Always creating or making something, Karen just happened to fall into creating weighted blankets as a way to help her autistic step-son, Noah.


Perservering Through Paralysis

Although neurological disorders seem rare, many people may find themselves dealing with one at some point in their lives.


Therapist Offers "Sexpert" Advice to People of All Abilities

Dr. Danielle Sheypuk, with a Ph.D. in psychology focuses on dating, relationships, intimacy and sexuality, particularly among people with disabilities.

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