About AmeriDisability

Who We Are:

AmeriDisability is an online publication dedicated to individuals with disabilities, caregivers and seniors. Additionally, we serve and collaborate with businesses and nonprofit organizations that provide relevant products and/or services. Our resource aims to inform, inspire and empower the disability and senior communities and beyond!

- Publisher: Sheila Mahan (connect via LinkedIn)
- Editor-At-Large: Nancy DeVault (connect via LinkedIn)
- Social Media Coordinator: Dana Malans

Our Mission:

We believe that by working together we can:
- Improve community awareness and foster inclusion.
- Promote quality services/products to enhance the lifestyle needs/wants of our readers.
- Bring attention to public issues through meaningful dialogue and the promotion of public involvement.
- Influence local, state and national decision makers for positive change.
- Create opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Get Involved:

AmeriDisability encourages and invites you to join in the conversation. Check out our FAQ page to learn about article submissions. Also, please stay connected through our social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We are stronger as a community that supports each other!

The AmeriDisability Team

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