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Microsoft Scores with Winning Super Bowl Ad Featuring Xbox Adaptive Controller

During Super Bowl LIII– where the New England Patriots defeated the St. Louis Rams – viewers saw tons of humorous and heartfelt advertisements. With a lack of touchdowns in the low-scoring game, many took to social media to declare Microsoft as the true winner thanks to its spot featuring the Xbox Adaptive Controller.


9 Theater Companies Putting Actors with Disabilities Center Stage

Non-disabled actors play approximately 95 percent of television characters with disabilities in top ranked shows, according to a study by Ruderman White Paper.


7 Disability-Related Considerations When Interviewing For and Accepting a Job

Job hunts are generally stressful for all, and more so for those with disabilities despite employment rights. To align with an ideal employer, here are disability-related considerations when interviewing for and/or accepting a job offer:


Coffee with a Cause

For many coffee lovers, a cup of joe is just their main pick-me-up each morning, but for Diane Grover, her coffee also supports a cause.


Creating Accessible Backyards & Outdoor Living Spaces

Time spent outdoors enhances self-esteem and mood, improves cognitive function and memory-related abilities, and increases attention spans among children with autism spectrum disorder, to name a few ...


Tiny Homes Can Offer Big Accessibility Options

One may assume that tiny homes are ill suited for individuals with disabilities, more specifically those with physical limitations or wheelchairs. However, though customization, that’s not the case.

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