Latest Articles

4 Technology Devices Empowering People with Disabilities

Assistive technology can be a life changer!


How to Recognize Unusual & Distressing Anxiety Symptoms

There are over 100 possible symptoms associated with anxiety disorder, many of which you'd never expect to be caused by anxiety.


Smart Ways to Keep Kids with Disabilities Off the “Summer Slide”

Seasonal brain drain is a reality, and children with special needs are especially at risk. Don’t let summer vacation drown out educational gains. 


7 Accessible Campsites for Outdoorsy Fun

Give accessible camping a try because research suggests there are beneficial, if not crucial, reasons to spend time in Mother Nature.


In A First-in-the-Nation Procedure, AdventHealth Tests Promising New Diabetes Therapy

Revita® DMR is a novel, non-drug treatment that may improve blood-sugar regulation in patients with type 2 diabetes by targeting the source of insulin resistance.


10 Summer Safety Tips for Service Dogs and Working Dogs

Safety precautions are always in season! Here's how to keep your service animal healthy during the summer.

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