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WHISPP’s Breakthrough AI Technology for Voice Impairments

Whispp, founded by Joris Castermans, introduces an innovative solution for individuals with voice impairments by utilizing language-independent AI technology. This technology enables the conversion of whispered speech and vocal cord impaired speech into a clear and natural sounding voice, in real-time and without delays.

Traditional methods rely on speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) conversions, resulting in high latency. In contrast, Whispp’s audio-to-audio AI approach ensures instantaneous communication, overcoming barriers to natural conversation.

Whispp can help to address the needs of approximately 300 million people worldwide with voice impairments, including those with ALS, MS, stroke, and Parkinson’s Disease. It offers a lifeline to individuals who have lost their voice but retain good articulation.

Additionally, Whispp capitalizes on the therapeutic benefits of whispering for managing certain voice and speech disorders. For example, individuals who stutter severely can experience an 85% reduction in stuttering frequency when whispering. Similarly, those with conditions like Spasmodic Dysphonia or Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis find relief and increased fluency through whispering.

Two mobile phones showing number pad on one and a video conversation of two young girls and an older lady on the other.
Photo Credit: WHISPP

The Whispp app facilitates seamless communication, allowing users to connect with anyone, regardless of whether the recipient has downloaded the app. This accessibility fosters meaningful connections and inclusivity among friends and family.

Whispp represents a significant advancement in assistive communication technology, empowering individuals with voice impairments to express themselves freely and engage in natural conversations.

For more information, check out the WHISPP website here.

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