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12 Disability-Friendly Housecleaning Essentials

Cleaning — or rather a lack thereof — can have an impact on one’s health. According to research cited by the Cleveland Clinic, clutter, mess or untidy spaces can cause anxiety, distraction and stress. Plus, bacteria, dust and mold can absolutely cause illness. Perhaps that explains why so many people are committed to the ritual of spring cleaning… a sort of annual check-up to achieve a clean slate of wellbeing. Still, cleaning is often cumbersome and, for some people with physical limitations and/or certain disabilities, maintaining a housecleaning routine can be extra laborious. Here’s a squeaky-clean round-up of disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.

A woman, who has Down syndrome, dusts off a shelf.
  1. Cleaning Caddy with Wheels

Once assembled, reviewers boast that this multi-tier metal utility rolling cart by SimpleHouseware is very sturdy. Stock the caddy with cleaning supplies for easier access while tidying up from room to room. It features three storage baskets, hooks and has safety brakes. It’s available in black, red, silver, turquoise and white.

This turquoise caddy may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.

  1. Disposable Toilet Wand

This toilet wand system may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.When disinfecting the bathroom “throne,” a hygienic king or queen may consider twirling a disposable toilet wand. The Clorox Toilet Wand System, for example, comes with one wand, one storage caddy, six original disposable refills and ten scented refills. When finished, just pop the used sponge head right into the trash.

  1. Door/Window Track Cleaning BrushThis track cleaner may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.

Hard-to-reach places are oftentimes just skipped during the cleaning process. But this handy brush simplifies wiping down door recesses, window tracks and other tricky spots. The cleansing cloth can be removed, washed and replaced.

  1. Drill Brush

This drill brush may more so resemble a garage power tool than a household cleaning instrument, but it really is an effective scrubber. When heavy-duty scrubbing is needed, choose one of many sponge heads and let the drill do the dirty work. This disability-friendly household cleaning essential lets those with limited mobility tackle deep cleaning without strenuous elbow grease.

This drill brush tool may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.
  1. Expandable Dusters

No need to set-up a ladder because this adaptive duster has a long, expandable rod to maximize access. Hard-to-reach surfaces can be dust-free thanks to this kit featuring seven different duster attachments.

This expandable duster set may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.
  1. Grabber Tool

This grabber may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.Grabber tools can make everyday tasks a bit easier for seniors and people with disabilities. Whether you need to grab a cup from the top shelf or snatch up socks from the bottom of the hamper, grabbers can be useful. Choose a grabber that is lightweight, adjustable and folds down for storing.

  1. Hanging Kitchen Trash Can

    This trash can may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.

    Statistics show that people with mobility limitations and intellectual or learning disabilities are at greatest risk for obesity. That’s why preparing healthy, portion-controlled meals at home is ideal. During meal preparation, including when chopping fresh vegetables, a hanging kitchen trash can be super convenient. Just scrape peels and scraps right into the accessible container.

  1. Microwave Steam Cleaner

    This microwave cleaner may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.

The Steaming Mama may look angry but you’ll be happy to know that this fresh tool uses basic non-toxic cleaning ingredients like water, vinegar and lemon. The name and operation of this product may be a bit funny but the results are no joke! First, remove the Steaming Mama’s hair, then add cleaning liquids to the fill line, replace hair and microwave for about seven minutes.

  1. Motion Sensor Trash Can

    This garbage can may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.

Well it’s not exactly assistive technology per se, but many in the disability community like the hands-free operation of this trash can. It’s motion sensor makes trash disposal easier and more hygienic (without touching a germy lid). For those with companion animals, this lid also keeps hungry hounds out!

  1. Robotic and/or Cordless Vacuum

A robotic vacuum can be a game changer! Those with ADHD may really appreciate the scheduling feature. And, because this robotic vacuum cleans in a quiet mode, those with sensory sensitivities won’t be bothered by loud, triggering sounds.

This eufy may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.
  1. Rolling Laundry Cart

This hamper makes sorting laundry loads easy-peasy. There are three basket sections: dark, light and color. Each of these can be detached to transfer garments into the washing machine.

This laundry organizer may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.
  1. Soap Dispensing Brush

    This soap brush may be one of many disability-friendly housecleaning essentials.

There’s no need to fumble with a heavy soap bottle because, with a light press on the button release, this brush dispenses soap directly onto dirty dishes. It comes with two sponge heads: a brush scrubber and a soft sponge.

Also consider:

  • Chemical-resistant gloves to protect skin.
  • Clorox wipes for faster surface cleaning.
  • Dehumidifier to help prevent mold and preserve air quality.
  • Laundry detergent pods and/or dishwasher detergent pods for ready-to-use product packets.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to miraculously wipe away scuffs and miscellaneous marks or stains.
  • A water repellent spray to prevent build up on shower doors.

Consider a Cleaning Service

If your budget allows, investing in a house cleaner may be worth every penny. For many people (with and without disabilities), time is valuable; so if you’d rather spend more time connecting with family, partaking in a preferred pastime, catching up on work or whatever, consider hiring professionals to hop to the dust bunnies. Some cleaning companies, such as Caring Senior Service, even specialize in serving clients that need in-home support because of disabilities or aging.

What other disability-friendly housecleaning essentials do you use? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Nancy DeVault
Nancy is the managing editor of AmeriDisability. She is an award-winning storyteller passionate about health and happiness.

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