Haley Brittingham


Spencer's Sensory Shop: A Business Blanketed with Disability Research

Always creating or making something, Karen just happened to fall into creating weighted blankets as a way to help her autistic step-son, Noah.

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Tech Opportunities for All - Learn the Skills Today and Reap the Benefits in a Matter of Months

In today’s day and age, technology is where you can learn skills in as little as three months and come out with a job that pays more than most professions that require a bachelor's degree.

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Art & Design

I Am Sheriauna: A Beautifully Different Book about Disabilities

A true story that promotes positive conversations about differences.

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Art & Design

Jason DaSilva: A Filmmaker, App Creator and Loving Father

A person is not defined by what they look like or how they speak but by their unique thoughts, perspectives, and vision unseen by others.

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