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Upgrade Day-to-Day Functionality by Downloading Mobile Apps

If you use a smartphone or other mobile device, you likely use apps. Games, directions, news, weather and much more are just a click or swipe away! Apps are easy to download on both Apple and Android devices and can conveniently upgrade your access to most anything. Explore your app store to find these and other helpful apps:


BeMy Eyes |
This free app connects blind and visually-impaired people with sighted volunteers for visual assistance.  Through a live video call, volunteers can help users with daily tasks. For example, just point your phone to check food expiration dates, read instructions or navigate directions. The app claims that over 900,000 sighted volunteers currently aid more than 60,000 blind or visually-impaired app users in 150+ countries.

RogerVoice |
RogerVoice claims to be the first worldwide app for deaf and hard of hearing. It uses voice recognition to create real-time captioning so conversations can be read. Released in 2014 by Olivier Jeannel, who is deaf, the mission is to break communication barriers.

Look at Me |
This Samsung app was designed in collaboration with professors and doctors to help children with autism better understand moods, express emotions and improve eye contact. It gamifies interactions with character cards, music, voice guides and themes. Test groups reported a 60 percent improvement rating when the app was used for 15 minutes per day.

Proloquo2Go |

Available in English, French and Spanish, Proloquo2Go is a customizable, symbol-based app that aids language development and communication skills, especially among non-verbal people with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other diagnoses. Users explain that it gives a voice to those who cannot speak.

Stepping Stones – Daily Routines |

Since we all follow some type of routine, Stepping Stones lets users create visual schedule guides, referred to as “paths,” with one’s own photos. It can provide organizational support and increase independence for those with cognitive disabilities, attention disorders, anxiety, autism and other diagnoses.

TripTripHurray |

This travel app aims to help travelers with disabilities and/or special needs avoid unnecessary inconveniences to better enjoy vacations.  Choose a city and search for accessible lodging, transportation, places of interest, shopping, restaurants and services.

AccessNow |

This free app allows users to search for accessibility of public places, like restaurants, hotels, retailers, etc. You can use the map feature to find nearby options by category. Plus, update and/or input information too.

Person holding a smartphone looking at mobile apps to improve functionality

Health & Wellness

Red Panic Button |

Pre-set emergency contact information and, when needed, press the red panic button to immediately notify these contacts with your whereabouts (using Google Maps) via text, email and social media. You may include a video attachment and 10-second voice message.

Dexteria |

Designed in consultation with occupational therapists, the Dexteria app turns your iPhone or iPad into a therapeutic tool to aid fine motor skills. The hand exercises work to build strength, control and dexterity.

MyMedical |

This app ($5.99) lets you keep your medical records right at your fingertips. It’s sort of like a digital version of a filing cabinet housing medical info and history for each family member. You can also track results and view scheduled appointments.

Blood Pressure Companion |

This combo app tracks blood pressure, heart rate and weight. Measurements are contained in charts that you can share with your doctor, and it conveniently allows you to set reminders.

Fooducate |

Earning the top prize in the US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge, Foodcuate helps users eat for health. When grocery shopping, scan barcodes to receive nutrition grades (A to D) and analyze information like added sugars, artificial sweeteners, trans-fats, etc. Also, track exercise, calories, sleep and more.

mySugr |

Selected as the Top Diabetes App by Healthline, mySugr is designed to help those living with diabetes manage their disease. The app logs and monitors daily blood sugar levels, insulin use, carb count and also offers lifestyle advice.

Meditation Studio |

Looking to live more mindful? This app offers meditation options with various focuses, like anxiety, stress, happiness and gratitude. And its how-to guide makes it user-friendly for novice meditators.

Talkspace |

If the thought of lying on a therapist’s couch makes you anxious, try a text conversation instead. Consult with a licensed therapist daily for just $49/week for individuals or $79/week for couples.

AliveCor |
Because heart disease is the No. 1 killer of Americans, AliveCor empowers users to be in the know regarding heart-health. Turn your smartphone into a medical-grade electrocardiogram (EKG) monitor to see if your heart rhythm is normal or if atrial fibrillation is detected; then, share results with your doctor.

Migraine Buddy |

This tracking app helps migraine suffers monitor and identify triggers, symptoms, frequency, duration and intensity. The goal is to help prevent and/or better treat future occurrences.

My Pain Dairy & Symptom Tracker |

Actively work with your physician by arming him/her with the most accurate information. This app allows users to record pain and symptoms to foster better communication with healthcare providers.

Senior Living

EyeReader |

This app ($1.99) uses the LED light of your smartphone to magnify text. It’s ideal for seniors who struggle to read menus in dim restaurants or the fine print on prescription bottles.

Find My iPhone |

If you accidentally misplace your device or leave it somewhere, fear not as this app can temporarily lock your device (to protect your data) and direct you to its location via mapping.

Senior Savings |

Calling all savvy shoppers, this app helps users save money by locating senior discounts.

Skype |

You can have quality face-to-face conversations with loved ones no matter how many miles apart you are. Use Skype on your mobile device or computer to visually connect.

Clevermind |

This multipurpose app includes an Intelligent Robotic Assistant to answer your questions, and platforms for social media, books, music, news, health and more. Plus, it contains tons of quizzes and games designed to keep your mind sharp.

Yesterday USA |

Dial into retro music from the 1920s to the 1950s. Tune into the genre of your time with this volunteer-run internet radio station.

Nancy DeVault
Nancy is the managing editor of AmeriDisability. She is an award-winning storyteller passionate about health and happiness.

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