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13 Adaptive Halloween Costumes Still Available on Amazon

Tricks aside, Halloween is full of treats. Maybe that’s why Halloween has grown to become the second biggest retail event of the year. There’s a scary amount of Jack-o-lanterns, candy, spooky decorations and, of course, costumes! For just one night annually, trick-or-treaters of all abilities can dress up as anything their hearts desire. For people with disabilities and/or wheelchair users, however, shopping for adaptive Halloween costumes can feel a little daunting.

Here’s some “boo-tiful” news… adaptive Halloween costumes, including those specially designed for wheelchair users, are now much more accessible. In fact, big box stores (like Target) have added Halloween costumes to their adaptive clothing lines. But since time is quickly ticking down to All Hallow’s Eve, online shopping may be the best bet for last-minute costuming needs. AmeriDisability has rounded up adaptive Halloween costumes for kids that are easily accessible via Amazon.

Here are boo-tiful adaptive Halloween costumes:

1. Batman + Batmobile Adaptive Wheelchair Cover

Batman ranks as the fifth most popular Halloween costume among children, according to the National Retail Federation. From Gotham City to your very own neighborhood, your little Dark Knight will feel comfortable, thanks to the accessibility features of this padded suit. Wheelchair-using superheroes can complete the look with an adaptive Batmobile Wheelchair Cover.

Batman Adaptive Halloween Costume

2. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) + Spaceship Adaptive Wheelchair Cover

Halloween fun will blast off “to infinity and beyond” with this adaptive Buzz Lightyear costume. Plus, the Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Wheelchair Cover will make this toy-themed costume the favorite (sorry Woody!).

Buzz Lightyear Adaptive Halloween Costume

3. Bumblebee (Transformers) + Bumblebee Adaptive Wheelchair Cover

Orange and black won’t be the only dominant colors on Halloween. Bumblebee, the black and yellow transformer, will be the buzz of the night! Plus, the Bumblebee Adaptive Wheelchair Cover is designed to easily attach to any wheelchair or walker with adjustable fabric straps.

Bumblebee Adaptive Halloween Costume

4. Cinderella + Princess Carriage Wheelchair Cover

This costume combination is fit for royalty! The classic Cinderella Adaptive Costume features a boo-tiful blue hue with sparkly embellishment that will surely make your little princess feel magical. And thanks to an equally stunning carriage accessory, onlookers will be dazzled by the whimsical wheelchair cover.

Princess Adaptive Halloween Costume

5. Catboy (PJ Masks) + Cat Car Wheelchair Cover

Black cats are commonly linked to Halloween. Well, this popular blue cat costume isn’t spooky but, rather, super cute. Yes, “it’s time to be a hero” with this Adaptive Catboy jumpsuit. Once Connor becomes Catboy, he can utilize his Cat Car!

Catboy Adaptive Halloween Costume

6. Chase (Paw Patrol) + Patrol Car Wheelchair Cover

Chase is on the case! And in this case… it’s all about sniffing out the Halloween candy. This Paw Patrol leader may feel inclined to howl (or bark) at the moon and then drive full speed ahead to the next trick-or-treat house in a wheelchair-accessible patrol vehicle. FYI, according to a MarketWatch survey, Paw Patrol costumes are the most popular this year among kiddos, so odds are Chase will see Ryder, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Everest too.

Chase Adaptive Halloween Costume

7. Elmo (Sesame Street) + Sesame Street Character Wheelchair Cover

Sesame Street first aired in 1969, and more than fifty years later the show remains popular among children and adults alike. Elmo ranks as the show’s second most popular character (following Cookie Monster). But since this holiday is all about candy and not cookies, we’re confident Elmo will navigate the neighborhood just fine. And the whole Sesame Street gang can come along too, thanks to the Sesame Street Character Wheelchair Cover.

Elmo Adaptive Halloween Costume

8. Elsa (Frozen) + Ice Nokk Wheelchair Cover

This Snow Queen Elsa Adaptive Costume is among the season’s hottest picks. It features a comfortable back-of-dress opening for ease of use, plus abdominal access. The dress has frosted diamond detailing and a sparkly cape. Wheelchair users can also order the Ice Nokk Adaptive Wheelchair Cover.

Elsa Adaptive Halloween Costume

9. Dash (The Incredibles) + Incredibles Car Adaptive Wheelchair Cover

Just like in the movie, your family of undercover superheroes can embark on an important mission. This Dash Adaptive Costume pairs really well with the Incredibles Car Adaptive Wheelchair Cover. This Incredibles look will be, well, totally incredible.

Dash, Incredibles Adaptive Halloween Costume

10. Master Chief (Halo) + Warthog Wheelchair Cover

It’s cool to share candy on Halloween but, if you’re going to battle it out over candy, you better suit up. Tweens and teens that enjoy video gaming may be interested in this Master Chief Adaptive Costume from Halo, the military science fiction game. The complimentary Warthog Wheelchair Cover resembles Halo’s fictional armored fighting vehicle. [But seriously, no fighting please!]

Halo Adaptive Halloween Costume

11. Minnie Mouse + Minnie Mobile Wheelchair Cover

Your trick-or-treater will be tickled pink with this fashion-forward take on Minnie Mouse’s classic polka-dot dress and iconic ears. Minnie’s matching wheelchair cover is also pink, with heart and polka-dot detailing. It’ll be a magical night for sure.

Minnie Mouse Adaptive Halloween Costume

12. Poppy (Trolls) + Trolls Adaptive Wheelchair Cover

Poppy is ready to show her true colors… and she is luminous. Yes, you’ll be singing loudly and proudly with this Poppy Adaptive Costume. And the matching Trolls Adaptive Wheelchair Cover will transport you and your cutie to the whimsical Trolls’ village.

Poppy Trolls Adaptive Halloween Costume

13. Wonder Woman + Invisible Jet Wheelchair Cover

Costumes featuring Justice League characters, including Wonder Woman, rank second in popularity among kiddos, according to MarketWatch. This Wonder Woman Costume features accessibility-friendly arm sleeves, abdominal and inseam openings for quick access, a detachable skirt and a soft foam tiara. Plus, your hero can take flight with the Invisible Jet Wheelchair Cover.

Wonder Woman Adaptive Halloween Costume

Here are More Adaptive Halloween Options Available on Amazon

Custom Adaptive Halloween Costumes 

If your trick-or-treater is dreaming of an epic wheelchair-friendly Halloween costume that you just can’t seem to find in stores or online, reach out to Magic Wheelchair, a nonprofit outfitting children (between the ages of 5 and 17) with spectacular wheelchair-friendly costumes. The founder, Ryan Weimer, launched the effort in 2008 after making a pirate ship for his son who has spinal muscular atrophy. Magic Wheelchair typically requires eight weeks’ time for custom costume projects so do plan ahead for next year.

Happy Halloween!

Nancy DeVaulthttps://www.ameridisability.com
Nancy is the managing editor of AmeriDisability. She is an award-winning storyteller passionate about health and happiness.

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