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21 Ways to Beautify Mobility Aids with Wheelchair Accessories

A wheelchair is defined as a chair mounted on wheels that is used by persons who have impaired mobility, often caused by disability, illness or injury. There are many different types of wheelchairs, such as manual, electric, transport, sport, airplane, beach, ergonomic, bariatric, pediatric, reclining, reclining or tint, standing, etc.

Disability etiquette, per the Office of Disability Rights, notes that assistive devices, including wheelchairs, should be respected as personal property and, unless given permission by the user, not moved or touched. Many wheelchair users consider their assistive device as an extension of themselves. However, wheelchairs can look like basic medical equipment and, thus, not exude the users’ unique personality. That’s why many wheelchair users choose to accessorize and beautify their assistive device.

National Wheelchair Beautification Month

July is National Wheelchair Beautification Month! This annual observance was established by author and illustrator Horace Knowles. He thought simple decorations could have a significant impact. So, using Velcro, Knowles attached a florist’s water tube to the top of his wheelchair to display colorful flowers. He also encouraged fellow wheelchair users to follow suit, explaining, “It brightens the day not only for the wheelchair occupant, but for everyone they pass.”

You can add personal flair to your wheelchair using with stickers, patterned duct tape, ribbons, fabric and other crafting materials. Plus, the retail market for wheelchair accessories has greatly expanded.

Here are 21 products to beautify your wheelchair:

1. Izzy Wheels

Izzy Keane, who was born with spina bifida, founded Izzy Wheels with her sister Ailbhe to help wheelchair users transform their medical devices into pieces of fashion and self-expression. Offering a wide range of stylish, vibrant wheel covers made in collaboration with artists, the motto of this Dublin-based company is “If you can’t stand up, stand out.” Retails for $155 [featured in this article’s header image]

2. Wheelchair Safety Belt

This thick, cushioned belt provides added safety, and may be especially ideal for people impacted by spasticity or seizures. The belt comes in blue, green and red but the Burberry-inspired plaid is a classy choice. Retails for 14.99

wheelchair accessory
photo credit: Amazon

3. Wheelchair Quilt

Attention quilters: This downloadable quilt design features pockets for hand-warming and storage of personal items. Download the DIY instructions and choose your own pattern. Download for $12.99

Wheelchair quilt
photo credit: Annie’s Craft Store

4. Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim Covers

RehaDesign, a European company, has been creating wheelchair accessories for over a decade, including these pushrim covers. Available in every color of the rainbow and in three sizes, the covers are easy to apply and allow for more comfort to the touch compared to hard metal rims. Retails for $61

5. Fishing Pole Holder

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves fishing, this pole holder by Maddak is the “reel” deal! The movable attachment can be adjusted to fit various chair bars. And, if you’d like to honor Mr. Knowles, perhaps place an artificial flower in the holder when not reeling in the catch of the day. Retails for $56.95

This adaptive gear is great for fisherman.
photo credit:

6. Fleximug Hands-Free Drinking Mug

Suitable for individuals who can move their head freely to one side, and who have good lip control and suction, this hands-free insulated 20-ounce cup has a sleek stainless steel design. It is dishwasher safe and available with five different straw lengths. Retails for $64.95

Wheelchair gear.
photo credit: Fleximug

7. Trabasack Lap Tray Bag

Invented by a wheelchair user, Trabasack makes multi-functional accessories. Use this item as both a storage bag and a lap tray to work, play, eat, etc. Trabasack offers several bag styles. Retails for $30 and up 

wheelcha gear
photo credit: Trabasack

8. Posey Comfy-Seat

These plush cushions provided added comfort, plus protection for sensitive skin. The cushions are machine-washable, have reinforced slits to allow use of a positioning belt and have a detail tie. Retails for $107.70

Wheelchair cushions add comfort.
photo credit: Devine Medical

9. Total Chair Cushion

Total Chair Cushion by Ceilblue also makes decorative cushions, in six colors: brown, burgundy, butterfly patterned, geometric burgundy, navy and blue/green plaid. These pressure reducing cushions help reduce numbness, soreness and discomfort caused from long periods of sitting. Retails $22.99-$29.69

Wheelchair cushions help with comfort.
photo credit: Amazon

10. Tank Carrying Bag

This durable backpack-style bag by Vive can accommodate various tank sizes. The bag is water-resistant and includes six hose outlets. Available in three colors – purple, black and gray. Retails for $22.99

Wheelchair bag with tank storage.
photo credit: Amazon

11. Wheelchair Umbrella

The wheelchair umbrella stand by Wanrane is ideal for rain or shine. Stay dry during an afternoon drizzle, or shielded from the sun on a bright day. It has an adjustable stem to custom fit height and positioning. Add your umbrella of choice. Retails for $25  

12. Soft Pouch and Bottle Holder

This soft cup holder easily attaches with Velro to hold drink containers. But users call it the “everything pocket” because it can also hold keys, glasses or any small essential. This Think King wheelchair accessory offers a playful pop of color. Amazon sells two option, silver/black and gold/black, for $14.99; sells a brown/orange holder for $22.50

Wheelchair accessories.
photo credit: 1800Wheelchair

13. Pirate on Wheels Sticker

Arrrr you into pirates? This inexpensive decal sticker can easily adhere to the back of a wheelchair or scooter. Retails for $2.99

Wheelchair accessories.
photo credit: Amazon

14. Sherpa Wheelchair Footrest Cover

If you’re a fan of super fuzzy things, the Sherpa wheelchair footrest covers are for you. So cozy! The company also makes matching armrests and foot/calf cushions. Retails for $16.99

Wheelchair accessories
photo credit: Easy Comforts

15. Armrest Hanging Cell Phone Holder

If you’re not fond of lugging around bulky or larger bags, this compact storage sack may be all you need. Available in a variety of fun fabric choices, WarriorAngelCreation on Etsy hand makes these bags with a hoop-and-loop fasten. Retails for $9.75 and up

wheelchair accessories
photo credit: Etsy

16. Big Volcanic Jumbo Wheels

For something a bit flashy (literally), check out these multi-colored LED wheels that illuminate hues of red, blue and green. Retails for $29.50 per wheel

wheelchair accessories
photo credit: Pimp My Chair

17. Easy Comforts Wheelchair Bag

Available in five chic patterns, this wheelchair bag has four outside pockets for convenience, in addition to an interior zip pocket. Easily attaches to the back of chair with two hook-and-loop straps. Retails for $19.99

wheelchair accessories
photo credit: Easy Comforts

18. Under Seat Bag

HelenBudniatsky on Etsy makes several wheelchair bag styles, including hang options and under the seat. Aside from handy accessibility, the under seat option helps prevent unfortunate theft and pick-pocketing. Retails for $86.73 and up

This wheelchair under the seat bag is available on Etsy.
photo credit: Helen Budniatsky via Etsy

19. Wheelchair Afghans and Bags

Do you crochet? If so, take a peek at this downloadable afghan and bag set. The crochet skill level is intermediate. Download for $3.95

wheelchair accessories
photo credit epatternscentral

20. Matching Bag Set

Sometimes less is more… but sometimes more is more! Astrata Health Solutions makes a matching set with both a backpack storage bag and an armrest organizer. The armrest bag has six multi-pockets and, aside from ample storage space, the backpack includes a slim cooler pouch on the inside. The design of this set is a beautiful floral print on a white background. Retails for $32.95

wheelchair accessories
photo credit: Amazon

21. Quilted Wheel Pouch

The blue-colored quilted fabric not only serves as a bright wheel cover, but it’s also functional. This machine-washable product includes two storage pouches, one of which has a zipper. Retails for $25.95

wheelchair accessory
photo credit: Amazon

Keeping Your Wheelchair Beautiful

For the most part, wheelchair accessories can be either machine washed or hand washed. But what about the wheelchair itself? Check out cleaning tips from, and

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Feature image credit: Izzy Wheels

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