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Juno Pioneers Child Disability Insurance, Offers New Hope for Families

Every year, over 100,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with serious illnesses or disabilities, adding to the existing 2 million children already living with such conditions. These health issues not only reveal new family strengths and perspectives but also introduce significant challenges, including financial burdens. Costs associated with child disability, such as uncovered medical expenses and lost earnings, often surpass $1 million, leaving American families to face these hardships largely on their own.

Juno’s Innovative Insurance Solution

In response to these challenges, Juno, a public benefit corporation, has introduced Child Disability Insurance, a pioneering benefit in the U.S. This insurance, available through employers, offers critical financial support and personalized assistance for families if their child develops a severe illness, disability, or injury. Juno’s insurance provides up to $1 million in coverage, distributed in monthly installments over a decade, for children up to age 26.

Support Services and Impact

The insurance not only helps with direct costs but also includes services to help families manage their child’s condition effectively. This can range from navigating complex medical information to accessing additional resources and crafting a comprehensive care plan. Juno’s initiative also serves to align corporate values with employee needs, enhancing talent attraction and retention for businesses.

National Comparison and Future Prospects

Unlike many countries where national safety nets exist, U.S. families previously lacked substantial financial support for child disabilities. Juno’s co-founder and CEO, Jordan Epstein, emphasized that this insurance fills a crucial gap, addressing a major financial vulnerability for parents. With child disability rates rising, businesses recognize the frequency and profound impact of these challenges on workforce stability and productivity.

About Juno

Juno, a public benefit corporation, introduces Child Disability Insurance—a novel employee benefit in the U.S. This insurance provides substantial, long-term financial support and tailored assistance for children from birth up to the age of 26 who experience severe illness, injury, or disability. Established by a seasoned group of leaders in insurance, benefits, and technology, Juno aims to create an impactful financial safety net for parents nationwide. As part of its commitment to social responsibility, Juno allocates 2% of every premium to support organizations focused on researching childhood disabilities and rare diseases, as well as those offering direct aid to families.

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