Braille Institute Offers 110 Free Online Spring/Summer Courses, Including Laughing Yoga and Making Technology Work For You

Learning is just a click away, thanks to free programs and services for those with low vision to no vision.


Ask the Expert: Vision Health as You Age

Here insight into the prevention and treatment of common vision-related diseases that come with age.


Create an Accessible Workspace with these Disability-Friendly Pieces

Do you have the adaptive equipment and tools you need to be successful in the workplace?

Art & Design

One Dad's Vision for Daughter's Artistic Eye Patch

Layla loves Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. She doesn’t just showcase her affection for the cartoon mermaid through clothing; she also wears a customized character-clad eye patch hand-drawn every day by her dad, Geof Grubb.

Art & Design

The Beautiful Artistic Vision of a Blind Artist

Texas-native John Bramblitt proclaims, “I think I could draw before I could walk;” but he never envisioned his art hobby would become a career.


Singer Terri Gibbs Always Had a Clear Vision for Music Despite Blindness

Singer Terri Gibbs says she’s lived a real-life Cinderella story. “One year you’re on the couch [in a mobile home] watching the Country Music Awards and, the next year, you’re on the stage receiving an award,” Gibbs tells AmeriDisability Services.

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