service dog


How to Become a Service Dog Trainer

Yes, you love animals but are you ready to turn your passion into a profession?


10 Surprising Autumn Service Dog Safety Tips

Don't let proper care of service dogs fall by the wayside during the fall season.


Service Dogs are More than 'Man's Best Friend' for Veterans

Service dogs aren't just companions for veterans. These highly-trained animals provide essential support.


5 Tips for Attending School with Your Service Dog

It's back to school season. Is your service dog ready?


How to Exercise Your Service Dog Indoors During Inclement Weather

Don't let a rainy day drown out your plans to exercise your service dog.


10 Summer Safety Tips for Service Dogs and Working Dogs

Safety precautions are always in season! Here's how to keep your service animal healthy during the summer.


People With Disabilities Are Entitled to a Free Access Pass to National Parks

The Access Pass is a FREE pass available to United States citizens or permanent residents, regardless of age, that have a permanent disability.


The Healing Power of Therapy Pets

Therapy animals provide many benefits to individuals and patients.


Looking for a Well-Trained, Grateful Pet? Adopt a Senior!

Thinking about adopting a cat or dog from your local animal shelter?

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