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14 Adaptive Grilling Tools for Cooks with Disabilities

Summer temperatures are heating up. For many, especially grill-lovin’ foodies, warmer weather means it’s time to spark up the barbeque to enjoy seasonal cookouts! For some cooks with disabilities — especially those with mobility, visual and/or dexterity challenges — the idea of preparing food over a hot surface or open flame may feel intimidating and, frankly, unsafe. However, cooks with disabilities may feel ready (and eager) to please their BBQ-craving palates after purchasing adaptive grilling tools.

Thanks to innovative product designs that promote inclusiveness, cookout season can be safer and even more satisfying for grill masters of all abilities! Check out these adaptive grilling tools:

  1. Classy Pals Dress ‘n Dine Clothing Protectors

From juicy seafood boils to hamburgers dripping with ketchup, cookout grub can be messy! These cleverly designed adult-sized bibs feature charming prints so users can look and feel their best. Designed for full lap and chest coverage, these soft terry cloth bibs have a waterproof inner lining, bottom snaps that create a crumb catcher pocket and an adjustable closure. Available on

Classy Pals adult bibs
  1. Cross Back Apron

Available in multiple colors, this apron is an easy on-off garment that slips over the head and doesn’t need to be tied. Aside from its stylish cross-back design and two large storage pockets, this comfy apron offers full chest-to-knee coverage to protect grill masters of all abilities from grease, spills and other food stains. Available on

cross back apron
  1. EZ Flip Spatula

Fans of hamburgers will flip over this adaptive spatula. Grill masters simply squeeze the handle and, presto, the food instantly flips for even grilling. And this accessible metal utensil is dishwasher-safe. Available on

  1. George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press

Don’t let an unexpected rainstorm wash away your cookout plans. When thunder roars, an indoor grill can serve as a BBQ backup plan. Ideal for smaller portions, this George Foreman grill and panini press is a favorite among those following a heart-healthy diet. It has a sloped grilling surface that helps to drain up to 42% of fat. Plus, cleanup is a synch thanks to its dishwasher-safe removable plates. Available on

george foreman grill
  1. Grill Armor Gloves

Providing the highest protection for hands, these barbecue gloves are made to withstand the extreme heat of grills and other hot surfaces, like campfires, ovens and pizza stones. Talk about handy accessible gear! Available on

grill gloves
  1. Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner

Grilling is fun, but cleaning the grill isn’t so much fun, right? Grillbot is a rechargeable device that tackles the mess for you using two rotating, stiff wire brushes. Just set this automatic cleaner for 10, 20 or 30 minutes, and let it do all the dirty work. Known as the “world’s first robot BBQ brush,” this timesaving gadget comes in either black or red, along with a storage case. Available on

  1. Kinsman Cutting Board with Pivot Knife

Sized 12” x 12”, this white cutting board has an accessible hinge that allows the attached knife to chop through an arc of 90 degrees. Cooks with limb differences or fine motor disabilities will enjoy independently prepping veggies for the grill. The board has suction cups to prevent sliding during use and the knife handle is ergonomically shaped for easier grasping. Available on

cutting board
  1. Lynx 36” ADA-Complaint Grille

Too chicken to go beyond standard hot dogs and hamburgers? Think again! Designed for cooks with disabilities, this freestanding outdoor cart grill has one prosear burner and one stainless steel burner, plus a rotisserie burner. Yes, homemade rotisserie chicken is on the menu this season. This ADA-compliant grill has illuminated control knobs, an adjustable side handle, a quick visibility temperature gauge and other features. Available at

  1. Looft Grill Lighter

Now you can finally forgo fiddling with matches because this battery-powered firestarter heats up in 60 seconds with superheated air (reaching temperatures up to 1200°F). That means that food won’t have any trace taste of lighter fluid. Available on

looft lighter
  1. Magic Opener

From condiments to soda, cookouts typically have a diverse number of bottles. Now cooks with arthritis or any other type of mobility challenge can easily twist off 16 different-sized caps. Plus, a handy pull allows for the seamless opening of cans. If desired, keep this multi-use kitchen aid within reach by using its magnet to attach to the refrigerator. Available on

magic opener
  1. Meat Shredder

Pulled pork dishes and other carnivore favorites conveniently come together… and without the manual labor of shredding with a knife and fork. Place chicken, pork or tender red meat into this compact shredder, and gently shifted the easy-grip handles from side to side. Bonus: this meat shredder is yet another dishwasher-safe, accessible product. Available on

meat shredder
  1. Rocker Knife

Specially designed for people with hand disabilities, arthritis and Parkinson’s, the vertical grip of this knife easily cuts through most foods, including cookout classics, using a rocking motion. This adaptive grilling tool comes with a holster for safe storage. Available on

rocker knife
  1. Stingray 7-in-1 BBQ Multi-tool

Grill masters don’t need to fumble with multiple utensils because this all-in-one barbecue tool offers many functionalities. Use it as a spatula, tongs, toothed tongs, piercing fork, bottle opener and more! Available on

stingray grill tool
  1. Sizzle & Smoke Cookbook

Penned by Chef Steve Petusevsky, Sizzle and Smoke features a collection of heart-healthy grill recipes specifically designed for people with diabetes and prediabetes. Recipes showcase lean meats and vegetarian dishes prepared with smoky, natural flavors that only a grill can provide. Available on

sizzle and smoke cookbook

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