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30 Accessible Beach Essentials for Beach-Goers of All Abilities

Heading to the beach? To ensure that packing for the sand and surf is as stress-free as possible, AmeriDisability has compiled a list of accessible beach gear. We know these summer essentials will help maximize fun in the sun for you and fellow beach-goers of all abilities.

  1. Adaptive Kayak

Water enthusiasts of all abilities can dive right into sporting adventures this spring and summer. Freedom Kayaks was founded with a mission to provide more people with 100% independence on the water. And they just so happen to sell adaptive kayaks that help make it possible. The ticket price of this beach gear is a bit lofty, but the experience is priceless!

$3,000 | Freedom Kayaks

accessible kayak
Accessible kayak by Freedom Kayak
  1. Disability-Friendly Beach Towels

Sammi Haney’s is an online retailer featuring apparel and many other products that celebrate the disability community. Does the name sound familiar? Well, you may have seen Sammi, who was born with osteogenesis imperfecta type III (also known as brittle bone disease), portray the role of Esperanza Jimenez on Netflix’s original series Raising Dion, which is produced by Michael B. Jordan. Inspired by his sassy little girl, Sammi’s dad, Matt Haney, designs their fun and diverse product line. Check out the many beach towel designs featuring positive disability-themed messaging.

$35 |

Love towel with L using handicapped symbol
Towels by Sammi Haney’s
  1. Ear Band Swimming Headband

Standard ear plugs can feel awkward, especially for those with sensory sensitivities. This comfortable headband by Mack’s helps prevent swimmer’s ear; and is especially recommended for those with ear tubes or ear drum perforations. The headband is two-color reversible and adjustable.

$5.99 | Walgreens

ear band
Ear Band | source:
  1. Fishing Pole Holder

Avid anglers will be hooked by this accessible beach essential. Made by Maddak, this adaptive fishing pole holder is the “reel” deal! The movable attachment can be adjusted to fit various chair bars.

$56.95 |

Accessible Fishing Pole Holder
Accessible fishing pole holder | source: Mobility Aids
  1. Hand In Mug

Hydration is essential while basking in the warm beach sun. The Rehabilitation Advantage Store designed this adaptive drinking cup with individuals with disabilities in mind, such as those who struggle with arthritis, tremors, spasticity and limited hand control. The 16-ounce, dishwasher-safe container features a center hand slot for easier gripping.

$22.50 |

accessible drinking cup
Accessible cup | source: Amazon
  1. Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen

According to the National Eczema Association (NEA), people living with eczema are even more vulnerable to the sun’s damaging rays and have more challenges finding sunscreen products that work for their skin. A number of sunscreens have earned the NEA’s Seal of Acceptance, such as Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 Body Lotion.

$15 | Target

CeraVe sunscreen
source: Target
  1. Insulated Medication Bag

Ideal for insulin users or anyone who needs to keep medication temperature-controlled, this small insulated bag comes with two ice packs. And it’s durable and water-resistant too.

$17.98 |

insulated medicine bag
source: Amazon
  1. Lotion Applicator

As your lather on the sunscreen, this long-handled applicator will help cover your back, legs, feet and other hard-to-reach areas of the body. It comes with four replacement pads so you can enjoy beach season to the fullest.

$9.99 |

accessible lotion applicator
source: Amazon
  1. Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion

The Everlasting Comfort Gel Infused Memory Foam Cushion is ventilated with strategically placed holes to allow for airflow. It uses heat-responsive technology to form to the body and provide ideal support.

$46.95 |

ventilated wheelchair seat cushion
Ventilated wheelchair seat cushion | source: Amazon
  1. Mess Bags

If you love shelling, be sure to get this 3-pack set, featuring blue, yellow and orange shell collection bags. Thanks to its mesh material, shaking off or rinsing off sand and salt water is a breeze.

$13.98 |

mesh beach bag for shelling
Mesh beach bag for shelling | source: Amazon
  1. Motorized Beach Wagon

Beach gear – accessible or otherwise – can be tricky to transport. To add a bit of ease, the Sandhopper is a heavy-duty, self-propelled wagon. Battery-operated with the help of a thumb switch, wagon-users can control speed and direction.

$1,995 and up |

sandhopper motorized beach wagon
Sandhopper motorized beach wagon
  1. Hands-Free Necklace Fan

Prepare to beat the summer heat with the O2COOL® Deluxe Necklace Fan. This lightweight, hands-free accessory has a vertical air vent to allow for optimal cooling to the face and upper body. It’s battery-powered to last roughly 12 hours.

$9.99 | Bed Bath & Beyond

hands-free fan
Hands-free fan | source: Bed Bath & Beyond
  1. Prescription Goggles

Swimmers with vision issues may benefit from a pair of prescription swim goggles. This accessible beach gear can come either with pre-made step diopter prescription lenses or custom-made lenses with one’s personalized prescription.

Prices vary |

Prescription goggles
Prescription goggles | source: Sport Eyes
  1. Sand & Water Fine Motor Toy Set

This fun beach toy set will help strengthen fine and gross motor skills through play! Discover four new ways to learn in the sand and surf with your little beach babes. The set includes a squeezy bottle, spinner, wavy dropper and scooper, all designed for fun and functionality.

$15 |

sensory sand toys
Sensory-friendly beach toys | source: Special Needs Toys
  1. Scoppi Beach Shovel

This is far from a standard flimsy beach shovel. The Scoppi Shovel is designed to allow bare feet to comfortably step down on the curved footrest to dig. The shovel’s wide-body design makes it easier for diggers to keep their balance. It also has a pull-out sifting tray to inspire sand and shell play.

$26.95 |

Scoppi Shovel
Scoppi Shovel | source: Fat Brain Toys
  1. Shell Scooper

The accessible Sand Dipper allows for beach-goers of all abilities to hunt for shoreline treasures. Thanks to its adjustable handle, conch shells, shark teeth and all sorts of beach finds are within reach.

$32.99 |

Shell scooper
Shell scooper / sand dipper | source: Amazon
  1. Soft Pouch Bottle Holder

This soft cup holder easily attaches using a Velcro closure on wheelchairs to hold drink containers. But users call it the “everything pocket” because it can also hold keys, sunglasses or any other small beach essential.

$14.99 |

soft pouch
Soft pouch/cup holder | source: Amazon
  1. Snap Sunglasses

Because ADHD can affect one’s ability to focus or remain attentive, people with ADHD often misplace belongings, like car keys, cell phones and sunglasses. With just a quick and easy snap of these SunSnap glasses onto your arm, you won’t have to worry about losing your beach shades!

$17.99 and up |

SunSnap glasses
SunSnap Glasses
  1. Swim Vest or Puddle Jumper

Fun in the sun is the goal but, of course, safety precautions should always be prioritized. Be sure to outfit yourself and/or loved ones in properly-sized child or adult life vests if needed. The Stearns Life Vest, available in several designs, has a cleverly positioned back zipper and buckle closure, paired with a hybrid rash guard.

$39.99 |

Accessible life vest
Accessible Life Vest | source: Swim Outlet
  1. UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hat

A part of the Masumi Headwear, a collection made for people with hair loss, the Rosabella design is a beautiful must-have for any spring/summer wardrobe. Ideal for beachgoers with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia and other types of medical conditions, this hat’s shape provides sun protection, without seams so skin isn’t irritated. It has beautiful, breathable fabric and a hidden elastic strap.

$45 |

Rosabella Taupe Chemo Hat with UPF 50+ SUN PROTECTION
Rosabella Taupe Chemo Hat with UPF 50+ SUN PROTECTION
  1. Waterproof Phone Holder

Capture every picture-perfect moment of your beach day by using a waterproof phone holder. Whether you’re snapping a selfie in front of the sunset or clicking away while the kiddos play, you can make a splash with lasting memories.

$9.99 |

waterproof mobile holder
waterproof mobile holder | source: Amazon
  1. Water-Resistant Speaker

While the sound of crashing waves may be music to your ears, a small, water-resistant speaker is a handy beach item. Whether you want to listen to therapeutic tunes, an informative podcast or an entertaining book on tape, the JBL Bluetooth speaker easily clips onto bags or bars.

$39.95 |

waterproof speaker
source: Amazon
  1. WaterWheels® Floating Beach Wheelchair

Beach enthusiasts looking to invest in their favorite pastime will love the accessible WaterWheels. This floating beach wheelchair allows access from dry land directly into the water, whether it’s at the beach, lake, waterpark or pool. It can support up to 250 pounds and has three seat positions (one to transition the user to the chair and two comfy reclining positions).

$2,075 |

  1. Wearable Microfiber Towel

The GoGo is a quick-drying, microfiber towel. It can open fully (like a typical flat towel), be draped over a person with easy Velcro closures or be transformed into a cozy wearable garment. Available in different styles and sizes.

$39.95 |

GoGo Towel
GoGo Towel | source: Amazon
  1. WheelAir System

WheelAir offers temperature control products designed to fit wheelchairs. The line includes an array of choices, like a cushion cover, backrests, lumbar support and more.

Prices vary |

WheelAir System
  1. Wheelchair Bag

The vibrant hues of this bag design are perfect for a bright beach day. This wheelchair-friendly bag is water-resistant and offers ample storage for larger items like water bottles, books, a small oxygen tank, a towel and other accessible beach gear. Plus it has several smaller pockets and an adjustable strap. And you can also order a matching wheelchair armrest pouch.

wheelchair bag
Wheelchair bag | source: Amazon

$29.97 |

  1. Wheeleez™ All-Terrain

Wheeleez™ is a beach wheelchair conversion kit. That means a wheelchair user can convert a basic wheelchair into a beach-ready wheelchair. Kits are available in three different wheel sizes.

$303 and up |

  1. Wheelchair Seat Belt

The terrain at the beach can create a bit of a bumpy ride. But this soft, T-shaped restraint belt, by Kavil, can help provide added safety for wheelchair users.

$23.99 |

wheelchair seat belt
wheelchair seat belt | source: Amazon
  1. Wheelchair/Scooter Umbrella

If lugging a cumbersome tent or umbrella is too inconvenient, this outdoor umbrella by Yobee may be a suitable alternative. Ideal for personal use, a beach-goer using a wheelchair or scooter can stay shielded from the direct sunlight. It has an adjustable stem to custom height and positioning.

$13.99 |

wheelchair umbrella
wheelchair umbrella | source: Amazon
  1. Zappos Adaptive Sandals

Zappos adaptive footwear collection features tons of beach-friendly, easy-on, easy-off sandal options. A classic slip-on could work well for some but, for those who prefer added support, the UGG Sport Yeah features a removable heel strap. This adaptive shoe is available in various colors and sizes.

$59.95 |

Zappos adaptive shoes
Zappos adaptive shoes

You may also want to pack:

  • Baby power
  • Book
  • Beach blanket
  • Chairs
  • Cooler
  • Dry clothes
  • Fins & snorkel
  • Flotation devices
  • Food and drinks
  • Handicapped parking permit, if applicable
  • Hand sanitizer or hand-wipes
  • Lip balm
  • Medications, if applicable
  • Money (for parking, refreshments, etc.)
  • Wet bag

Looking for adaptive swimwear? Click over to “20 Adaptive Swimwear Must-Haves to Dive into the Sand & Surf.”

Nancy DeVault
Nancy is the managing editor of AmeriDisability. She is an award-winning storyteller passionate about health and happiness.

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